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Our commitment to the environment is a driving force behind Le Prunier. So much of what our family does depends on our beautiful earth. From start to finish, our products remain ethical, eco-friendly and organic so that you reap the benefits in every last drop and together, we continue to protect our source.

Our family has been committed to organic farming since the 1980's—long before the term was a household phrase. We pride ourselves on sustainable farming practices, including the use of compost and cover crops for our fertilizer program, allowing bees to naturally pollinate crops and employing environmentally friendly biological insecticides derived from natural materials.

We've made the conscious decision to recycle our raw materials and utilize byproducts in order to eliminate waste. We are a brand, a family and a farm that is redefining beauty through our unwavering commitment to sustainability.


Our products are All Natural, Organic,
Sustainable, Vegan and Cruelty-Free.